Like many of you love makeup. I love being able to create different looks and transform,  be it into something creative like a Disney character or just creating a pretty eye look to go on a date. However being of a darker skin tone, I’ve had to go the extra mile to create particular looks particularly when it came to using certain lip shades and eyeshadows. This dilemma later inspired me to create V.Lace cosmetics. My mission became finding a way to create super pigmented products that also nourish and protect your skin and here we are. It has been so important to me that every single product from lipsticks to eyeshadows, is heavily pigmented so that all of us, regardless of skin tone and texture, can receive the same colour payoff.

I’d like to share with you an experience that really pushed me to create this brand. I was a die hard fan of a particular brand’s lipsticks and used to wear different shades of this brand every single day without fail. After a while my lips started darkening and it took for my father to point it out (well he accused me of becoming a heavy cannabis smoker actually lol) that I started looking into the cause of it. I later found out that my lips had darkened so much because the lipsticks I was wearing had a high level of lead in them. I later found out that some of the leading brands on the market use high consistencies of lead in their products which often causes  dark circles, hyper-pigmentation and acne. After finding all of this out it was so important for me to research further into how to make products that were super pigmented but also kinder to skin. For this reason, All of the products contain Vitamin E to help heal and improve the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, acne and dark circles, and natural oils to nourish the skin whilst keeping you looking FABULOUS!

I really hope you like what I’m trying to do with my brand and I hope you Love the products too. If you have any feedback or suggestions or just want to say hey, send me an email. <3

Vanessa W-Brobbey



“You’re already beautiful. But a splash of colour never hurt anybody. ”