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Thank you for taking this step closer to the bold, fierce and powerful you by purchasing your V.lace product. I hope you turn heads every time you wear our products. In fact, I guarantee you will. Send us your feedback at info@vlace.co.uk because we want to know what you think of the products. We also want to know about all the compliments you’ve gotten and side-eyes you’ve received from haters because they know you look BOMB!



I have been looking for a nude lippy for a while now, and Latté has to be the most perfect one I've actually tried on. Ones I've tried are either too light or look so ashy on me but this is perfect!! Honestly. It's the one for me :)


Chenelle 25

London, England

So it's fall and I wanted some deep reds and just some really cute fall colours so I got Ego, Ms Lauryn and Heaux me? And i am so impressed. I wear Ego and 'Heaux Me' a LOT!! and everywhere I go people ask what I'm wearing. Like the pigment of the colours are phenomenal.


Abena 24

Queens, New York







I got Climax initially because I had to step out of my comfort zone. All I ever used to wear were nude colours so I got Latté which is so pretty, but when I saw how beautiful the model looked wearing Climax I went for it and I don't regret it. not one bit. I wear it every time I go out with the girls and I guess you could say, I've collected a lot of numbers since I started wearing it so thank you. ;)


Chelsea 27

Kensington, London

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